As a professional chef of almost 20 years my passion for chilli has grown as I have explored how it interacts, combines and changes when added or mixed with other flavours and ingredients. Fallen Angel Sauces is the product of 2 years of trialling what I thought was the best and freshest ingredients to compliment the mighty chilli.


After playing around with some easily available varieties I quickly realised that there were hundreds of chilli types available, all different shapes and sizes, with some crazy flavour profiles. I wanted to create a hot sauce that was going to taste amazing and not just be another one of those evil, 'blow your mind' sauces that flood the market today.


At Fallen Angel Sauces, we strive to test the limits of heat but also deliver on the one thing that has always mattered to me as a professional chef, depth of flavour.


I hope you too have a passion for chilli like me. As you will taste this passion expresses itself through my range of hot sauces.


James Blackwell

Owner & Chilli freak

Fallen Angel Sauces